About – The Alice Munro Project

After using this Blog infrequently for the last couple of years, mostly documenting some of my reading habits, my latest idea for this space is my Alice Munro project.  A further description of that project can be linked to here, but in short, I plan to read and study one Alice Munro story at a time to learn from her writing what I can about the craft of the short story.  I will read from the beginning of her career until the end, which unless she changes her mind, is the excellent collection, Dear Life.

Bio:  Just a bit about me, I am a writer of fiction and non-fiction, a university lecturer and teacher of writing and literature, and above all else, an avid reader.  While I love to see friends and hand out with family, while I enjoy hiking, kayaking, drawing, cooking, playing chess and watching movies, more than anything else, I love to read.  I read for at least an hour every night, and a half hour or so in the morning, and another hour or two during scraps of time during the day.  I always have a book with me so I can grab even a few minutes of reading while stuck in traffic or a long line at the post office, but more than anything, my favorite idea of a Saturday is to go for a morning walk, spend the morning writing, and then spend the next four or five hours reading.  Even more than that, I try to reserve at least two or three days a month for the pure pursuit of reading, for reading a novel from beginning to end in one sitting – to read so long that my back hurts, and my muscles cramp, and even if I get up to walk and stretch out those muscles, I walk while still reading, trusting my feet (and my kind neighbors) to keep me on the paved sidewalk and out of the path of cars.  I read to become a better writer, I read to learn about the world, I read to escape, I read to learn more about myself, I read because reading is what I do – reading is the act by which I transcend myself.

A bit more about me can be found at www.andreajnolan.com (although I’m sure that regardless of when you are reading this, the website is hopelessly out of date).


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